A Strong Foundation

character2@2xAt SMCS, we believe that a strong foundation of faculty and staff is indispensable to the effective education of New Mexico students.

Please read about our goals and values below. Click the link  to download a faculty and staff application. EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION 2015 2016  All applications must be mailed; you will be contacted when we receive your application.

Professional Development

Staff members must be talented and gifted individuals who are vested in the school’s mission and possess the training and experience necessary to meet the needs of a diverse student body.  Applicants for Montessori classroom positions must already possess teacher certification and special Montessori training, or begin their Montessori training before the second year of employment commences. Only MACTE approved training programs and certificates are accepted.

Teacher/educational aide (EA)

Since the relationship between an EA and a teacher in a Montessori classroom has clearly defined roles, professional development for both the teacher and the EA will focus on this relationship.

Instructional Leadership

The Administration and Instructional Leader will constantly monitor the classrooms and student achievement.  SMCS abides by the PED approved New Mexico Teacher Evaluation and observation protocol. Through these continual evaluation processes, the administration can focus design professional development activities to enhance teacher performance.     Observation of other teachers, re-teaching and co-teaching strategies will be used to improve teacher performance on an on-going basis and will be a deliberate professional development activity for our teachers, both as the observer and the observed.

Over the course of the contract, professional development opportunities will be provided on-site and off-site.  SMCS staff will participate in ongoing professional development to effectively implement the common core standards, Montessori pedagogy and philosophy, and the New Mexico Teacher Evaluation and observation protocol. The content will be determined by the observed and expressed needs of the professional staff.  The Instructional Leader or Administrator, as a result of assessment of effectiveness, may determine that additional, specific professional development is necessary as a condition of continued employment.  Additionally, each year each staff member will participate in a minimum of thirty hours (teachers and administrators) or fifteen hours (teacher aids) of professional development.

Download a Personnel Manual – PERSONNEL_MANUAL_2015_2016_adopted